The Club

Chicago Royal Table Soccer Club is an elite, private club, based in the Chicago area but with players all over the Midwest. Our club promotes the sport of Subbuteo table soccer which is also known as Subbuteo or table football. Our main objective is to include players of exceptional character who enjoy the competitive aspect of Subbuteo table soccer but at the same time show great sportsmanship and fair play.

HISTORY: The Chicago area has seen numerous clubs in the past that tried promoting the sport. Unfortunately, due to administrative differences, none of these clubs flourished. Chicago Royal T.S.C. was established on May 30, 2017 out of the need of the Chicago area to have a club that promotes the competitive aspect of this great sport.

• • •

LOGO: The logo for Chicago Royal T.S.C. has a round shape that signifies our club’s unity while club’s inception year is also shown in our logo. The crown represents our players’ loyalty to the club while the two figures on the sides represent our sport, Subbuteo table soccer.

• • •

AFFILIATIONS: Our club supports all National and International organizations that promote this great game, especially the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA), the Federation International Sports Table Football (FISTF), the American Subbuteo Association and all other clubs and players that are not part of any association.