Code of Conduct

Chicago Royal Table Soccer Club has very high standards by which our players are expected to abide. Our players are expected to conduct themselves at the highest level of an ethical and honest manner.

Below are the values for which our club stands for:

  • Chicago Royal T.S.C. appreciates and promotes the competitive aspect of Subbuteo table soccer. A healthy, respectful, ethical competition makes the game more appealing and more fun.
  • Our players always support each other. It is imperative that we are loyal to each other and to our club. We win together and we lose together.
  • Chicago Royal T.S.C. players treat with dignity and respect all the players, clubs, both national and international that are associated with Subbuteo table soccer.
  • Our players treat the game of Subbuteo table soccer with integrity and celebrate the game’s tradition and history.
  • It is demanded that our players play with honesty and class.
  • Profanity directed to a Club mate, opponent or referee is unacceptable. Any first offense will result in a final warning, while a second offense will result in a termination of Club membership.
  • Club members are free to participate in any Subbuteo table soccer tournament that they wish to.